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The Role of an AI-driven Data Quality Assessment in Tackling Data Problems

A look behind the scenes at ActivePrime

Right now ActivePrime is busy deploying AI technology to assess CRM data. This is because AI based methods can analyze data in a way that no human can and will do it at warp speed. AI finds otherwise invisible patterns and anomalies, taking a bird’s eye view of dense CRM data to detect what humans cannot see. Because of that, you will be surprised at what you will find with a Data Quality Assessment! We know others have been!

AI-driven Data Quality Assessment Results
Summary of Data Quality Assessment Results

What happens when you begin an AI-driven Data Quality Assessment?

The Data Quality Assessment is a systematic process of evaluating the accuracy, completeness, consistency, and reliability of data within your CRM system through the power of AI. It involves identifying any discrepancies or errors in the data to ensure that it meets the standards required for effective decision-making. The Data Quality Assessment empowers organizations by providing insights into their data, addressing issues proactively, and establishing a foundation of trust in data-driven processes.

Once the Data Quality Assessment starts, ActivePrime uses Machine Learning as the basis of AI to identify CRM data issues, otherwise known as “Dirty Data Symptoms”. Since each client’s CRM has a unique organizational structure and identifiers, ActivePrime trains the Machine Learning to uniquely recognize the “Dirty Data Symptoms” for each customer. You get a custom AI analysis and dashboard of exact examples specific to your company in a comprehensive 20 page report.

What are your Next Steps right now?

With only minutes to set up, but a lifetime of benefits to reap, what are you waiting for? Schedule your Complimentary Data Quality Assessment today!

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