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Machine Learning Training to Identify your Dirty Data

ActivePrime is your CRM data’s personal trainer

At ActivePrime, we use Machine Learning to identify issues in CRM data, clean the data, and generate synthetic data to run CRM simulations.

AI-driven data analysis at Active Prime
AI-driven data analysis at Active Prime

Where does Machine Learning fit in with AI?

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. It can be thought of as the initial learning process behind the AI where the data models are established to enable the different types of AI (descriptive, generative, and prescriptive). Although sometimes Machine Learning and AI are used interchangeably, they are different aspects of the process in automating data analysis.

Training the Machine Learning to identify your Dirty Data

ActivePrime will curate key examples of multiple unique data issues for each category specific to your CRM and feed these examples into the Machine Learning interface. This trains the Machine Learning to pick out issues specific to your CRM data and enables rapid and comprehensive identification of all those issues, even when analyzing millions of CRM records. The results are used to score the data.

The analysis will tell you how many records were scanned, which years had the most data quality issues, which issues were most prevalent, provide specific examples of the issues, and determine the business impact.

How much revenue are you missing out on? How much savings can you generate by using AI to clean your data as compared to older tools or manual methods? ActivePrime AI will tell you all of this and make recommendations for the next steps.

What are your Next Steps right now?

With only minutes to set up, but a lifetime of benefits to reap, what are you waiting for? Schedule your Complimentary Data Quality Assessment today!

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