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Create genuine looking synthetic data leveraging ActivePrime's Generative AI algorithms that mimic real data. Generate any volume of records with minimal configuration.

Our decades of expertise in fixing Data Quality Defects can now be used to your advantage
so that you can perform Enterprise Data Sharing, Testing, and run Quality Assurance scenarios.

Benefits of Using ActivePrime’s Generative AI

Synthetic data is a must-have for enterprises looking to verify the functionality and performance of their CRM systems. ActivePrime delivers AI-Generated synthetic data that offers many benefits including:

Fast Onboarding

Use our presets for CRM data
or analyze your source data to
auto-generate settings leveraging our Data Profiler

Enterprise Data 

Share production-like data safely in an anonymized way with anyone (internally or externally)

Better quality 

Simulate data, performance, and volume scenarios for testing using real-like data in a controlled environment

Real Data is Rarle Perfect

Real Data is Rarely Perfect

ActivePrime’s Generative-AI introduces the same level of defect distributions found in your real data: Missing Data, Duplicate Data, Damaged Data, Misplaced Data, Formatting Issues, Incorrect Data, and Junk Data.


CRM Scenario Simulation

Synthetic data is valuable for verifying integrations by allowing IT teams to simulate different scenarios while protecting sensitive customer data.

CRM Scenario Simulation
Train AI-Model

Train AI-Models

Use data that closely matches your customer data to train AI models and perform functions like predict customer behavior and provide personalized recommendations.

Enterprise Data Sharing

Safely share real-like data to test integrations, volume, performance, developments, and sandbox seeding.

Enterprise Data Sharing

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"ActivePrime's AI-powered Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce was amazing! It uncovered unknown data issues with unmatched accuracy, saving us time and resources. Highly recommended for reliable, up-to-date data and better decision-making!"

Justin Ludlow

Co-Founder, CTO


"ActivePrime's CleanData, specifically designed for Salesforce CRM, is the ultimate solution for large enterprises seeking meticulous control and top-notch data for AI initiatives.  There simply isn't a better option available in the marketplace."
Sentia - final gradient transparency.png

David Forder


"ActivePrime's AI-powered Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce revolutionizes sales team operations with 80% time savings, efficient data issue identification, and superior sales outcomes. Highly recommended for proactive data quality optimization."
Mask group.png

Christopher Culp

Area VP Platform AMER

Ex - Salesforce


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is ActivePrime's Generative-AI Synthetic data better?

Because real data is rarely perfect, ActivePrime's proprietary Generative AI synthetic engine can create data just like your production data. It is paramount to train AI models with realistic scenarios, not artificially perfect ones.

How many records can I generate?

There's no limit to the number of records you can generate. We have different plans available to suit your needs.

Can I generate related objects?

Absolutely. Our Synthetic Data Engine can generate related records in different entities using common operators like many-to-one, one-to-many, and one-to-one.

Will my data be secure?

Yes, this solution is delivered within the Salesforce platform, where trust is foundational to the overall solution.

Do I have to manually configure ActivePrime's Generative AI Synthetic Data?

No, with our Data Profiler, we can generate settings by analyzing your source data so you don't have to spend time configuring our engine.

Can I purchase ActivePrime's Synthetic Data on my Salesforce Contract?

Yes, we can work with your Salesforce Account Director. Contact us for details.



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About ActivePrime

ActivePrime is a leading provider of innovative AI-enabled data solutions. Our cutting-edge data quality solutions empower companies to unlock the full potential of their Salesforce data, enabling accurate information, seamless operations, and informed decision-making. With a customer-centric approach, ActivePrime is a trusted data partner for the world’s largest companies.

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