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AI-Enabled Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce

Evaluate the quality and reliability of your CRM data so you can enhance decision-making, improve customer experiences, and increase operational efficiency.

High Quality Data Boosts Sales and Reduces Costs

Poor Data Quality costs organizations an average of $15 million per year according to Gartner’s latest study. IDC estimates that implementing Data Quality initiatives can raise sales by 20-40%.

Trust the Data Quality Experts

ActivePrime’s decades of experience and proprietary AI algorithms focus on finding key issues that prevent companies from getting the most out of their data. Data issues that ActivePrime can identify include:

Formatting issue icon

Formatting Issues

Fields with inconsistent formats, capitalizations, and abbreviations.

duplicates data

Duplicated Data

Redundant records.


Missing Data

Records with incomplete fields.

incorrect data

Incorrect Data

Records with erroneous or flawed fields.

damaged data

Damaged Data

Corrupted or compromised fields or records.

junk data

Junk Data

Data that doesn’t serve any business purpose.

misplaced data

Misplaced Data

Potentially valuable data in the wrong field.

Unlock your CRM Data’s Potential and get Ready for the AI Revolution

Our in-depth report includes all relevant information that will help your organization understand your Data Quality Score and a detailed distribution of defects by Dirty Data symptoms.

Unleash Data's Power:

Addressing Dirty Data and Amplifying ROI

Thanks to our Data Quality Index you can track where your organization is, and the financial impact and potential ROI that the organization can have by implementing a Data Quality Initiative.

Data quality assessment report
Dirty Data by Symptom

Know your data:

Unveiling Dirty Data Symptoms

At a glance, view the percentage of dirty data by all symptoms, including formatting issues, missing data, duplicate records, and incorrect data.

Data Insights Unveiled:

Findings, Prioritization and Action

For each type of data issue, we provide an analysis of our findings, including insights that will help prioritize the areas to address. Our examples make it easy for you to quickly identify potential solutions.

Example Formatting Issues
Transforming CRM Data

Transforming CRM Data:

Actionable Guidance for Success

We don’t just identify problems. Our Next Steps section provides detailed guidance on what your organization needs to do to start reaping the benefits of clean CRM data.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"ActivePrime's AI-powered Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce was amazing! It uncovered unknown data issues with unmatched accuracy, saving us time and resources. Highly recommended for reliable, up-to-date data and better decision-making!"
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Justin Ludlow

Co-Founder, CTO


"ActivePrime's CleanData, specifically designed for Salesforce CRM, is the ultimate solution for large enterprises seeking meticulous control and top-notch data for AI initiatives.  There simply isn't a better option available in the marketplace."
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David Forder


"ActivePrime's AI-powered Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce revolutionizes sales team operations with 80% time savings, efficient data issue identification, and superior sales outcomes. Highly recommended for proactive data quality optimization."
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Christopher Culp

Area VP Platform AMER

Ex - Salesforce


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Data Quality Assessment cost?

Please contact us and identify your Salesforce Account Director. This will allow us to explore potential courtesy options. The report has a $8K value if purchased.

How long does it take for me to get my results?

Our goal is the provide the results approximately 2 weeks after the initial setup process.

Can you help me resolve the issues that are found?

Absolutely. We provide a baseline analysis of your data quality with specific recommended solutions for fixing and keeping your data clean.

Will my data be secure?

Yes, this solution is delivered on the Salesforce platform, where trust is foundational to the overall solution.

Will you meet with me to discuss the results of my Data Quality Assessment?

Yes, we will schedule a time to review your specific results and bespoke recommendations.

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About ActivePrime

ActivePrime is a leading provider of innovative AI-enabled data solutions. Our cutting-edge data quality solutions empower companies to unlock the full potential of their Salesforce data, enabling accurate information, seamless operations, and informed decision-making. With a customer-centric approach, ActivePrime is a trusted data partner for the world’s largest companies.

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