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Embedded into Oracle CRM On Demand, Sales Cloud and Salesforce as SaaS.


Clean away thousands of existing duplicates at once... like they never happened with CleanCRM™.

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Prevent future duplicates and say "goodbye" to accidental, duplicate entries with CleanEnter™.

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CRM Metrics

Graphic dashboards reveal user adoption trends and more. Easy reporting with CRM Metrics™!

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Schedule mass updates at off-peak hours. Update record owner, opportunity status & field values.

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Find opportunities or any record type fast! Search once to find Robert, Robby or Bob Smith.

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Keep dirty data out of your CRM with data cleansing upon file import with CleanImport™.

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[CleanCRM] saved us hundreds of hours of manually deduping… It has allowed us to merge thousands of accounts and contacts. The system is straightforward and very easy to use. Definitely five stars…

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The team function is a major CRM selling feature, allowing organizations to group users in changeable ways to best manage various customer relationship requirements. But the fluid nature of teams…

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Are you ready to add some slick functionality to your Oracle CRM on Demand with JavaScript API’s? You’ve already mastered CRUD; creating, reading, updating and deleting records in your CRM…

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Mar 31

Cleaning Your Data Manually...

Anyone whose company depends on a database, will agree that data quality is critically important. Sadly, many of these same people, when allocating budgets will not be ready to invest…

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