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Assess Your Data Quality with AI
Ai-Enabled Data Quality

AI-Enabled Data Quality

ActivePrime delivers a comprehensive AI-enabled Data Quality Platform to identify and resolve CRM data quality issues or simply generate synthetic data that mimics your real data.

High Quality Data Boosts Sales and Reduces Costs

Poor Data Quality costs organizations an average of $15 million per year according to Gartner’s latest study. IDC estimates that implementing Data Quality initiatives can increase sales by 20-40%.

Trust the Data Quality Experts

ActivePrime’s decades of experience and proprietary AI algorithms focus on identifying and resolving key issues that prevent companies from getting the most out of their data or generating data synthetically to protect privacy, test integrations, and run CRM simulations.

Formatting Issues

Fields with inconsistent formats, capitalizations, and abbreviations.

Duplicates Data

Duplicated Data

Redundant records.

missing data

Missing Data

Records with incomplete fields.

incorrect data

Incorrect Data

Records with erroneous or flawed fields.

damaged data

Damaged Data

Corrupted or compromised fields or records.

junk data

Junk Data

Data that doesn’t serve any business purpose.

misplaced data

Misplaced Data

Potentially valuable data in the wrong field.

Unlock your CRM Data’s Potential and get Ready for the AI Revolution

Our comprehensive set of tools can help support Data Quality journey by identifying, resolving, and preventing issues that affect your business by leveraging our expertise and AI Algorithms.

Uncover Data Deficiencies:

Assess your Data

Our in-depth report includes all relevant information that will help your organization understand your Data Quality Score and a detailed distribution of defects by Dirty Data symptoms.

Data Quality Assesment Report
Resolve Data Quality Defects

Resolve Data Quality Defects:

Always-on Data Quality Protection

Protect your valuable Customer Data from defects by identifying, resolving, and preventing issues automatically with ActivePrime's CleanData.


We've got Your Back:

Record Audit Trail and Smart Undo

ActivePrime’s Audit Trail will hold data indefinitely, and more importantly track every single change. In addition, it will capture who made the change and when they made it. Smart Undo is a simple, yet powerful way to revert back when needed.

Record Audit Trail
Generative AI Synthetic Data

Generative AI Synthetic Data:

Enterprise Data Sharing, Testing and Quality Assurance

Create genuine looking synthetic data by leveraging ActivePrime's Generative AI algorithms that mimic real data. Generate any volume of records with minimal configuration.

Secure and Compliant:

Within the Salesforce security wall

ActivePrime's comprehensive Data Quality solutions reside within the trusted Salesforce boundaries.

Saleforce Security wall

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

"ActivePrime's AI-powered Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce was amazing! It uncovered unknown data issues with unmatched accuracy, saving us time and resources. Highly recommended for reliable, up-to-date data and better decision-making!"
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Justin Ludlow

Co-Founder, CTO


"ActivePrime's CleanData, specifically designed for Salesforce CRM, is the ultimate solution for large enterprises seeking meticulous control and top-notch data for AI initiatives.  There simply isn't a better option available in the marketplace."
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David Forder



"ActivePrime's AI-powered Data Quality Assessment for Salesforce revolutionizes sales team operations with 80% time savings, efficient data issue identification, and superior sales outcomes. Highly recommended for proactive data quality optimization."

Christopher Culp

Area VP Platform AMER

Ex - Salesforce


Customers and Partners

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Supplier Clearinghouse

Suppliers Clearing House

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National Women’s Business Enterprise

Frequently Asked Questions

What are ActivePrime's credentials?

ActivePrime has been in business for over two decades specializing in CRM Data Quality. We've been ranked #1 in Customer Service by an independent analyst for the Data Quality Segment. We've helped hundreds of enterprise customers and cleansed over a billion records.

With which CRMs can I use ActivePrime?

We support Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 360 CRM, and Oracle CRM. We also support Heroku.

How can I purchase ActivePrime?

You can purchase ActivePrime directly or through your Salesforce Contract.

Where is ActivePrime headquartered?

ActivePrime is headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Mountain View, California.

Does ActivePrime leverage AI and Machine Learning algorithms?

Absolutely! They're proprietary algorithms that have been designed to support Enterprise data and ensure compliance to Enterprise Data Sharing Standards.

Is ActivePrime a SaaS Solution or a Professional Services Company?

ActivePrime offers SaaS Solutions that help our customers identify and resolve data quality issues. Our solutions also leverage ActivePrime's Generative AI algorithms to generate Synthetic Data.

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About ActivePrime

ActivePrime is a leading provider of innovative AI-enabled data solutions. Our cutting-edge data management and cleansing tools empower companies to unlock the full potential of their Salesforce data, enabling accurate information, seamless operations, and informed decision-making. With a customer-centric approach, ActivePrime is a trusted data partner for the world’s largest companies.

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